Prada Nylon Shoulder Bag


Yes, Prada has granted the wishes of boys who wanted their very own nylon shoulder to carry after they first introduced one for the ladies back in November 2019.

Instead of a trapezoid body and a curved zip opening, the version for the lads comes in a rectangular shape (when seen from the front) with sharper corners that make it a tad more manly. Even the extra pouch it comes with has more defined edges, and the zipper pulls on both the bag and pouch come in full black, unlike the former that came with shiny silver zip pulls. Another point worth mentioning? The nylon fabric on the women’s bag is pillowy and softer, giving it the effect of looking like a comfy cushion, while the men’s version (Prada simply calls it the Nylon Shoulder Bag) has been reinforced at the seams to create a structured look overall.

Differences aside, both bags serve the very same function, armed with a nylon shoulder strap embedded with Prada’s jacquard logo that allows it to be strapped across the body for a fresh, contemporary look that’s very much on trend today. The good news? Both designs are priced exactly the same, coming in at SGD1630, which is honestly a great price for a truly functional piece from Prada.

Note that the Nylon Shoulder Bag is sold without the extra metallic chain shoulder strap, but what it lacks for in terms of an extra way of carrying would be the fact that it is slightly wider and taller, coming in at 24 cm by 18.5 cm, which will definitely hold loads more. Excited? Just head on down to the Prada boutiques in Singapore to get up close and try them on.


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