Chanel Métiers D’Art 2020 Quilted Leather Box Set


Chanel has been dedicating a collection to its Métiers d’Art houses every year in December since 2002 (it takes place outside the conventional fashion week schedule), one that aims to honour and showcase the intricate craftsmanship of the various ateliers and workshops under the MDA family. And for 2020, Virginie Viard, the Artistic Director of Chanel, paid homage to Gabrielle Chanel and her signature codes; from the bow to the chains, as well as the iconic camellia and wheat (Coco’s favourite), in a 71-look collection titled Paris – 31 Rue Cambon.

Sure, there were plenty of lust-worthy leather goods that came down the runway, from tiny flap bags to a birdcage bag laced with pearls. But behind-the-scenes was this real show-stopper, one that wasn’t featured on the runway (because honestly, it isn’t very glamorous lugging an oversized box around) but is part of the Métiers D’Art 2020 collection.

Yes, you’re looking at a quilted leather box modelled after a jewellery case, only this one’s segmented into four equal compartments that houses a mini bag each. Yes, you’re reading this right. The bags aren’t just for display/modelling purposes but are sold as set together with the box, with limited sets to be launched sometime in May 2020. All four bags are icons of the house, the Boy Chanel, Gabrielle, Classic Handbag and 2.55 Handbag which all come in a miniaturised shape and shortened chain straps that makes it closer to a WOC rather than a full-size bag.

Aside from set in black that’s shown above, there’s also a red box that comes with a complementary set of red and pink bags, which is perfect for lovers of bolder and brighter hues. There’s currently no confirmation of the exact price, but a quick estimation means it should be around the 5-digit mark. In other words, stay tuned for more information to come…


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