Goyard Saint Louis Collection (2015)

Even though this is only my 2nd official update on the much-loved Goyard Saint Louis in 6 years (has it really been that long?), not much has changed as far as this icon is concerned. We went from it not being readily available in Singapore before to Goyard’s present day stand-alone boutique in Ngee Ann City. As far as the bag goes, however, not much has changed with the exception of its prices, and with Goyard’s rumoured price increment in France this month, it only means that the gap between prices here and in Paris will be much closer.

While I don’t have any updates on how much the Saint Louis (or the rest of the bags in Goyard) will go up by in Paris (it was currently EUR750 and EUR975 for the PM in classic and special colours, and EUR860 and EUR1120 for the GM in classic and special hues), as far as Singapore is concerned, there are no plans for any increments.

And because I already know what you’ll be asking next, here are the current prices for the Saint Louis in Singapore. As above, it’s SGD1610 and SGD2090 for the PM in classic and special colours, while the GM in classic and special hues come in at SGD1840 and SGD2400 respectively.

One more thing before I go. Once in a while I’ll get emails asking if the Saint Louis comes in Pink, Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver. And because there are many counterfeits out there, it’s best addressed here. Pink was a one-off special hue released many years ago, and you won’t find them anymore at Goyard. As for metallic gold and silver, a small batch was also released some time back and made available to a select group. In other words, if you see any of these 3 being offered online now and marked as ‘new’ with prices not much more than the other Saint Louis totes, they are most probably fake.

Image: Goyard

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  • AL says:

    Hi BB, do you know what’s the latest prices of the Goyard Saint Louis in Paris? PM and GM, classic and special hues, please? My husband is going to Paris in January and we’re thinking of getting both sizes… in black PM and also navy GM. I can confirm that the prices in SG are as stated above? Thanks!

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