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goyard_anjou Because I love blogging about bags even before there’s an official press release (or in the case of Goyard, never), here’s what I dug up regarding the new Goyard Anjou that you should know. A new bag that’s already out in Paris but scheduled for the rest of the world sometime from September 2015, this is also Goyard’s answer to the reversible tote that allows you to flip it inside out and use the side that pleases you the most.

Reported to come in 2 sizes and have the same dimensions as the much-loved Saint Louis, the best part of the tote is the fact that you can reverse it, one side coated-canvas with Goyard’s famous house monogram, the other side a supple grained leather that matches the colour of the monogram, which also means you should have 11 different colours to choose from.

As an added bonus, the Anjou comes with a pouch (like the Saint Louis) as well as a two-sided luggage tag (one side monogram coated-canvas, the other side grained leather) which can also be personalised with your initials for those big on personalisation.

No word yet on its prices but I’m guessing it should just be a tad higher than the Saint Louis bags since there is the addition of the leather side, but with Goyard you never truly know. And since there aren’t any official images as yet, follow this link to enjoy the stop-motion video which showcases most of the colours and how the bag reverses.

Now, who wants one?

Update: 16 July 2015
Thanks to an update via a kind reader, the prices for Goyard’s Anjou are as follows. For the small in regular colours it’s EUR1650, for special hues it’s EUR2145For the one in the large it is EUR1950 and EUR2535 respectively. 

Update: 24 July 2017
Fans of the Anjou will be pleased to know the following. Goyard Singapore has finally received her first shipment. And there are 3 sizes that you can choose from, Mini, PM and GM, which means you are pretty spoilt when it comes to choices. The colour selection is limited, but as far as prices goes, here you are. For the Mini it is SGD2540 for the classic colours and SGD3300 for the special hues.

For the PM, it is priced at SGD3220 and SGD4190 (classic vs special) and for the GM, SGD3810 and SGD4950. Now, who’s keen?

Image: Goyard

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  • Shar says:

    I bought mine in London (Mount Street boutique) this april. Is available there already. Medium is priced at GBP2005.

  • Manon says:

    The small luggage tag only came with bag for the first 100 buyers. Now the luggage tag is available for separate purchase. Just got a small one in black yesterday and questioned where the tag was. Also you have to be careful on the leather side as its so soft that your nails, jewellery or keys can scratch it easily. The SA was very delicate when turning the bag inside out.

  • akosicandido says:

    Small Regular, EUR1650, Small Special, EUR2145
    Large Regular, EUR1950, Large Special, EUR2535

  • lavinia says:

    I like it but my problem with bags is their weight, they MUST be light! Is it light? Otherwise I will stick to the Saint Louis.

  • Yes yes yes yes yes!!! (FB)

  • This is genius! More excuse to shop Goyard! Now future owners should keep their pens and makeup secure in separate pouches you don’t want stains on the plain colour leather. Trust me I see plenty of them everyday. (FB)

  • SING says:

    BB, these babies are already at the Goyard store in St Honore in Paris (but according to the SA, not anywhere else in the world), they arrived in the store on Saturday. The small one in Black is currently sold out. but most other colours are available when I dropped by today.

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