Goyard: Personalising Your Bag Or SLG in Singapore

goyard_ambassade-saint-louis-saint-lucie After spending a small fortune on your very own Goyard bag or SLG, the one thing you could do is to personalise it. And with Goyard Singapore officially commencing their customisation service from 1 January 2014, it’s perhaps time to give your bags and SLGs a little more personality.

Here are a few points worth noting though. For starters, prices are pegged at SGD205 per customisation exercise, limited to either a maximum of 6 alphabets or 3 stripes and dependent on the actual size of the piece. If the piece is small (say a wallet or a card case), you won’t be able to fit all 6 letters and numerals onto it anyway.

If you want to do both on the same piece, say both alphabets/numerals and stripes, the price will be doubled to SGD410. And in the situation where you want both sides of say, your Saint Louis, to be personalised with alphabets and stripes, that would be SGD820. Capice?

And with anything that’s hand-painted, expect some wear and tear over time, especially nicks and scrapes on the paint if you’re not careful. It’s not inked by machine, or varnished to death, so be mentally prepared that this would occur eventually.

You can bring any authentic Goyard to the boutique at Ngee Ann City to be customised; whether you bought it locally or overseas won’t matter. And while the service will only kick off in January 2014, they will take orders now, and expect a wait of up to 30 45 days (more if the waiting list is long) so best do it soon and head on down if you’re planning to give your Goyard some customisation love.

Image: Goyard

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