Chanel: The 11.12

chanel_the-1112-bag1 Created in the 80s by Karl Lagerfeld, the Classic Flap has become an icon in its own right that women around the world have come to love and cherish. The purpose of today’s post is to inform you that the Classic Flap will henceforth be known as the 11.12, as decreed by the powers that be within the French luxury fashion house.


chanel_the-1112-bag3 In other words, boys and girls, any bag that has the CC-clasp on it will now be referred to as the 11.12, and it won’t matter if it comes quilted, herringbone-quilted or covered in sequins. Note the emphasis on the last line since I’ve been reading that some blogs are differentiating between the Classic Flap by saying it’s quilted and calling anything herringbone-striped 11.12. Not true.

chanel_the-1112-bag4 To mark this occasion, Chanel has launched a new ad campaign featuring 3 of its iconic bags, including the Classic Flap (oops, I meant the 11.12), along with the Boy and the Girl, which you’ll reading about in later posts. Featuring Kristen Stewart as her ever so moody self, she carries the Hermès-equivalent of a So-Black, a lambskin herringbone-quilted 11.12 that from the leather to the hardware is all black and really quite irresistible.

One more thing before I sign off, it’s now cheaper to buy Chanel’s iconic bags in Singapore (and most of the region), and in case you missed those posts, look below and read away.

Images: Chanel

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