Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Stickers

louis_vuitton_petite-malle-stickers I love the Petite Malle, Louis Vuitton’s now-iconic hard-sided box clutch that comes with a sling. Inspired by the French luxury house’s heritage as far as its spirit of travel (and their to-die-for travel trunks) is concerned and I’ve also loved almost every interpretation of it, from being clad in Monogram Canvas and Damier Ebene to quilted leathers, each more desirable than the next.

And then there’s this, which is from a new collection called Stickers. Meant to be fun and whimsical, this particular Petite Malle comes covered in printed glossy Vernis with, you guessed it, stickers. Not actual stickers you can peel and reuse (or even peel from a sticker sheet and apply yourself), but comes as part of the print. Which frankly is ghastly, part 50s-housewife, part retro-dinner and all weird.

In other words, do I love this rendition? No.

No. No. No.

But if you have some USD5500 to spare, be my guest, though honestly there are much more classically elegant variations out there you should buy instead.


Image: Louis Vuitton

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  • Anjum Hameed says:

    Ok don’t like the Petit Malle Stickers but love it in Alma PM… er, actually going to get that…

  • Angela Tsang says:

    The Petite Malle was supposed to be a limited edition. But then LV decided it was so in demand that they started to mass produce it in different patterns. I personally don’t like this Stickers print as it can easily get colour transfer on it. Reminds me of the old Dooney & Bourke. And with that price, it is absolutely not worth it. (FB)

  • looplogic says:

    They don’t need a Stickers Petite Malle, they need to make a briefcase Petite Malle. Maybe a petite unisex 27 cm briefcase number?

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