Chanel: All You Need To Know About The Iconic Classic Handbag



It all began in 1983, when the late Karl Lagerfeld introduced the now-iconic Classic Handbag, his take on Gabrielle Chanel’s very own 2.55. A flap bag that celebrated many firsts, it was the first to feature the leather-interlaced sling chain. It also bore the now-famous CC turnlock clasp, now a mainstay on many a Chanel design.

Primarily produced in either grained caviar leather or smooth lambskin, there are six sizes to choose from. The smallest two are both termed Mini Classic handbags, but sport different dimensions. The rectangular (SGD7540) format comes in at 20 cm by 12 cm by 6 cm, while the other is a more squarish (SGD7230) 17 cm by 13.5 cm by 8 cm.

Then comes the Small Classic (SGD15,070) measuring 23 cm by 14.5 cm by 6 cm. It’s an ideal option for evenings out and about in town. Next, the Classic 11.12 (SGD15,680) sits in the middle of the size spectrum at 25.5 cm by 15.5 cm by 6.5 cm. Those in black grained or lambskin leathers come with the signature interior burgundy flap pocket embossed with the CC logo.

If you’re looking for a functional office bag, the Large Classic (SGD16,900) is a no-brainer. Measuring 30 cm by 19.5 cm by 10 cm, this carries everyday essentials with ease. Last but certainly not least is the Maxi Classic (SGD17,810). Despite its ample proportions at 33 cm by 23 cm by 10 cm, the grand dame of the family is no less chic.

Whichever size you choose, rest assured that you have a Chanel bag that will stand the test of time. It’s not called a Classic Handbag for nothing, after all.

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