Look Good & Do Good With Loewe Paula’s Ibiza Basket Bags



The vibrant Loewe Paula’s Ibiza capsule wouldn’t be complete without its iconic basket bags. And this year's edition takes this tradition a step further, transforming the woven wonders into more than just fashion statements. Each piece tells the story of heritage, craftsmanship and Loewe’s commitment to sustainability and cultural preservation.

This year’s collection boasts two standout creations in the Font Tote and Iraca Basket. Both bask in a range of exciting new hues that perfectly capture the carefree spirit of summer. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of natural fibres or appreciate a burst of colour, Loewe’s basket bags offer a stylish way to embrace the sunny season.

In Colombia, Loewe partners with Corporación Oficio y Arte, an organisation empowering women through traditional craftsmanship. Herein begins the magic of the Iraca Basket. After tearing iraca palm fronds into strips, they weave them together with a fine raffia ribbon to form intricate patterns. This method creates subtle asymmetries, ensuring each basket possesses a unique charm since no two pieces are alike.


The Iraca Basket comes in small (SGD1300) and medium (SGD1500) sizes, complete with complementary tubular calfskin straps. Measuring 38 cm by 17 cm and 46 cm by 24.5 cm respectively, they’re ideal for weekends at the beach. You can further customise your basket bag with a selection of key rings, charms, pins and assorted accessories.


Then there's the Font Tote that begins with the meticulous selection of leaves in the humid tropics of Madagascar. Skilled artisans harvest these fibres before tearing them into thin strands to dry under the sun. They later crochet them by hand, transforming the raw material into a beautiful work of art. This results in a cuboid shape, complete with a contrasting LOEWE signature.

In Singapore, the Font Tote is available in mini (SGD1450), small (SGD1650) and medium (SGD2250) sizes. They measure 19 cm by 16 cm, 24 cm by 19.5 cm, and 30 cm by 25.5 cm respectively. All sizes come with a leather shoulder strap, allowing for easy conversion from a tote to a hands-free option.

With the sale of every Paula’s Ibiza basket bag, Loewe donates part of the proceeds to communities that bring these creations to life. These contributions support scholarships in Colombia, fund the construction of a Madagascan craft training school, as well as provide vital humanitarian aid following the 2023 earthquake in Morocco.

For more information, do visit LOEWE.com