#Bagaholicbébé: 3 Luxe Superfood-Enriched Skincare Products To Try



There’s no time like the present to show your skin some love. So if you’re on the hunt for a new luxurious skincare product to pamper yourself with, consider these three new superfood-enriched ones that will satisfy your skin’s cravings.

01 - Fresh Crème Ancienne White Truffle Face Serum, SGD565 for 30 ML
There are truffles, and then there are white truffles. They are the rarest and most prized because they can’t be cultivated. Instead, they spend 10 years developing underground in precise conditions, waiting to be discovered. Fresh then engages master truffle hunters and their dogs to harvest these exclusive white truffles by hand in a designated area of Alba, Italy.

The responsibly sourced ingredient then undergoes cryo-preservation and a patented enzymatic extraction process to create a bioactive concentrate. This becomes, of course, the active ingredient in its indulgent Crème Ancienne White Truffle Face Serum. It works to smooth lines and redefine facial contours for a rejuvenated mien. FRESH

02 - Sisley Supremÿa Le Nuit Le Grand Soin Anti-Age, SGD930 for 50 ML
Beauty sleep is very much a real thing, because nighttime is primetime for cellular recovery and repair. To help skin maximise its regeneration potential at the best possible time, Sisley created its anti-ageing night skincare line, Supremÿa. And its latest treatment addition to the range is infused with plant-based actives that do exactly that.

These include rice seed extract that promotes cell repair and concentrated centella asiatica extract to ensure cells regenerate more effectively. This potent cocktail infuses its Fundamental Regeneration Complex with intense, optimal anti-ageing regenerative powers. SISLEY

03 - Sulwhasoo The Ultimate S Cream, SGD600 for 60 ML
‘If ginseng is good for the health, wouldn’t it be good for the skin?’ This was the very question that led Sulwhasoo to become the first to introduce ginseng as a skincare ingredient. Since launching the ABC Ginseng Cream back in 1966, the South Korean brand’s extensive ginseng research continues. Its latest finding is the Ginseng Berry SR, which powers The Ultimate S Cream.

This potent elixir features the active ingredient, Syringaresinol. Amazingly, to produce just one gram of this takes 600 kg of ginseng berry extract sourced from 37,500 ginseng roots. The result is this ultimate cream that delivers a transformative skin lifting and revitalising effect. It comes in a refillable white tub inspired by the Korean moon jar. SULWHASOO

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