Embrace Summer With Delvaux’s Pin Mini Bucket Osier


Osier is a pliable resource made from willow trees. Typically harvested in winter, it undergoes an intricate process of cutting, sorting and soaking to prepare for basketwork in springtime.

Six months after initial harvest, peeling and drying outdoors turns it into raw, natural wicker, ready for weaving. It is this precious material that Delvaux chooses for the Pin Mini Bucket Osier.

To ensure only the best of the best goes into this creation, Delvaux collaborates with the exceptional team helmed by world-renowned master vannière Catherine Romand. The art of osier weaving is no mean feat. The Loire Valley atelier uses a centuries-old technique, taking up to nine hours to craft each bucket bag.

Delvaux Pin Mini Bucket OsierPHOTO COURTESY OF DELVAUX

You may notice that the base utilitises an unusually wide leather sole. The wicker rods attach to it in a way that forms the curved structure of the signature Pin bucket shape.

Then while using a wooden mould to shape the weaving process, the artisan carefully intertwines three shades of wicker and soft leather throughout. The final touches? Adding the bag’s leather handle via two metallic rivets at the sides.

The lightweight wicker bag comes with a removable drawstring canvas pouch to hold your contents. Although you can always choose to use it as-is, if you prefer the texture of osier wicker inside and out.

Measuring 21 cm by 18 cm, this bucket bag is perfect for daily use. Retailing at SGD5100, the Pin Mini Bucket Osier is currently available in limited quantities in Singapore.

For more information, do visit DELVAUX.com


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