Hermès: Not The Calvi, But The New Calvi Duo


In love with the Calvi from Hermès? Well, you’re going to fall head over heels for the Calvi Duo as well, one that’s essentially a new extension of the classic. While the former opens to reveal two side compartments for keeping cards and cash, the newish Calvi Duo is equipped with an extra snap pocket, allowing you to keep coins and other tiny bits that might otherwise spill out if they were stored in the original Calvi

Coming in the same dimensions that measure 10.5 cm wide and 7 cm high, the Calvi Duo Cardholder will be made available in Epsom calfskin and Mysore goatskin leathers, with prices coming in at around SGD790 each. Yes, that means it costs slightly higher than the Calvi, but the added utility more than makes up for it.  

Using the Calvi Duo is pretty simple. On the left, you will find an open slot for keeping up to 8 credit cards. On the right, you get a second snap pocket for everything else, with a hidden back slot perfect for slipping in other random bits and bobs. There are plenty of colours as well, ranging from single-toned hues like Gold and Etain, along with verso options that typically feature a mix of two colours. These beauties might pop up randomly on Hermès Singapore’s online store, or you could always wait another week before heading to the stores to try your luck. 

For more information, do visit HERMES.com 


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