Hermès: Your Quick Refresher On The Calvi Card Holder


You are already aware of its tiny sibling, the Bastia Change Purse, so now it’s time you get familiar with the Calvi Card Holder, a slightly bigger variation, which has long been considered a classic, yet remains one of the most underrated of SLGs at Hermès.

In a chic size that fits into most pockets and even mini bags, it is technically a card case/small wallet that will test your organisation skills to the max, but once you get used to carrying just enough when you are out and about, you are rewarded with a compact and sleek leather SLG that’s also very easy on the eyes. Intrigued? Read on.

01 – The Calvi was created through an innovative method of leather folds (think origami and then some), resulting in a perfectly symmetrical design that measures 21 cm by 7 cm when fully opened. 

02 – Because of the way the leather was ‘folded’, both sides can be used to store cards, with a max of 5 for each side before it starts looking ungainly. Use it for a specific purpose (you know, credit cards, name cards, membership cards and the like), or just one side each for folded cash and a smattering of cards respectively. 

03 – Just like Hermès’ wonderful array of leather bags, the Calvi is made available in a range of materials like ChamkilaEpsomMadame and Mysore, with exotic leathers in alligator and ostrich popping up from time to time. 

04 – There are plenty of colours as well, ranging from the evergreen classics like Étoupe and Gold to seasonal variations such as LimeRose Azalée and Vert Cyprès. If you prefer something fun and different, you can always opt for the Calvi Verso, one that features a differently coloured interior for that added pop of colour/contrast. 

05 – Prices start from SGD540 for the ones in Epsom calfskin, and it just goes up from there according to the leather you choose. Madame calfskin is slightly higher at SGD560, while the more premium leathers like Chamkila and Mysore goatskin are priced at SGD700 and SGD600 respectively. In other words, you just need to decide which will suit you best.

For more information, please visit HERMÈS.com


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