Hermès: 5 Things To Know About The Bastia Change Purse


There are several SLGs deemed icons at Hermès, one of them being the timeless Bastia Change Purse that’s often compared to the Calvi Card Holder. Both pieces were introduced in the same city-inspired collection, but they come in different dimensions (the Bastia’s more squarish, while the Calvi’s more rectangular) and serve a different function, which is also the main difference between the two.

While the Calvi Card Holder will be covered in a separate post, today’s focus is all about the Bastia Change Purse, and you can take this as an introduction if you’re new to the world of Hermès or in need of a quick refresher on the current prices and colours that are readily available in Singapore today.

01 – The Bastia Change Purse is made from a single piece of leather, folded like origami to form a refined-looking SLG that’s beautiful inside and out.

02 – Opening via a snap button closure, this nifty little accessory can be used to hold cash, coins and even your smart door lock token within the two pocket compartments on either side.

03 – Measuring 8.5 cm by 8 cm, it’s the perfect size to keep within your handbag, or you can even slide it into your dress/pants pocket if you prefer a compact SLG by your side at all times.

04 – There are at least 19 different colours available at Hermès Singapore’s online store, with even more options up for your consideration at the boutiques islandwide. These range from standard colours like Étoupe, Gold and Noir to seasonal hues such as Brique, Jaune Ambre and Vert Bosphore.

05 – The Bastia Change Purse is known as one of the best entry-level SLGs available at Hermès today, with prices starting from SGD360 for the ones in Epsom calfskin before going up to SGD380 for the ones in the softer Mysore goatskin.

For more information, kindly visit HERMÈS.com


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