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Beauty sleep isn’t called that for nothing. Skin does its heavy lifting at night to repair and regenerate, but when days are long and hectic, skin’s rhythm will have trouble keeping up. Throw in aggressors such as pollution and stress that saturate the activity of skin’s nerve fibres, and its natural cycle is disturbed and its night-time renewal less effective, leading to signs of ageing appearing more quickly.

That’s where Chanel’s latest Le Left Crème de Nuit comes in. Designed to maximise your beauty sleep, the night care is powered by 94 percent natural-origin actives to relieve overworked skin and aid renewal all night long. Brimming with Le Lift’s signature vitamin-rich alfalfa concentrate to soothe and encourage skin activity to avoid skin burnout, plus a new neuroactive night complex featuring de-stressing silver needle tea and a strengthening marine-origin ingredient, the cream works to comfort and stimulate skin renewal at night so it can glow in the day.

And as with all Chanel skincare, one can expect exceptional sensoriality that you’ll look forward to winding down with. The creamy, velvety texture, thanks to a combination of oils and butters, will envelop the face to leave it comfortable and soothed throughout the night. Coupled with a pre-application soothing technique to rid all facial tension and an after-application re-energising technique to lift and firm, skin is ready for a relaxed night in.

Priced at SGD237 for 50 g, the Le Lift Crème de Nuit is now available at Chanel’s Fragrance & Beauty boutiques and counters islandwide.

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