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It’s pretty interesting that Dior decided to unveil 3 different sizes of the Bobby when it first launched in June, because you typically hear of ‘miniature’ versions being released only one (or two) season(s) after. The French luxury house was confident it would be an immediate hit, considering the bag comes in a timeless silhouette that will never go out of style. Finished with the ‘CD’ logo in front and the ‘30 Montaigne’ address at the back, the half-moon hobo bag quickly earned its spot as one of the must-have designs amongst the Dior fans, especially the smallest size which scores extra brownie points for its adorable proportions.


Measuring 18 cm wide and 14 cm high, the Small Bobby is perfect for all your afternoons out with the girls, armed with a military-inspired buckle that allows you to carry it under the arm like a shoulder bag, or wear it long across the body for a casual look. Do not be fooled by the buckle in front, as the bag opens easily via the magnetic clasp hidden underneath, so you don’t have to worry about creasing the leather strap whenever you open (and close) your Bobby. There’s also a back pocket (right where the ‘30 Montaigne’ is located) for keeping spare cash and receipts, along with everything else that would otherwise be stuffed within the pockets of your dress or pants.

If you love multi-functional designs, then the Small Bobby (SGD4600) is one that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The accompanying leather strap can be easily unhooked and swapped for the thicker #DiorOblique canvas strap, easily transforming it into something new completely.

The strap can also be removed completely, so you can use the Bobby as a clutch, giving you several different alternatives with just one bag. As for the colours, there’s Black and Camel in box calfskin and a third option in Blue #DiorOblique. All three combinations will work equally well if you’re planning on dressing up (or down) for the day, and it’s something which the more fashion-forward men can also consider as well.


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