Hermès: 5 Leather Charms To Know & Love


Hands up you’re a fan of Hermès’ leather charms because this post will be covering some of the most coveted designs from the French luxury house. Some are readily available in boutiques, while others require a bit of luck over at the online store, so it definitely pays to keep checking every once in a while. Without further ado, here are 5 must-have pieces to get.

First up? The horse-shaped designs, of course. Being a luxury house that has its roots as a harness workshop and saddle-maker, it comes as no surprise that the leather goods which Hermès produces till this very day take inspiration from the world of horses. The most popular design of the lot would have to be the Rodeo Charm (priced from SGD720) which comes in the soft and luscious Milo lambskin. Part of its charm (no pun intended) lies in the fact that it’s puffed up and squishy, and typically comes in tri-coloured options that make for an eye-catching bag accessory. It’s no surprise that they are constantly snapped up the moment they land in boutiques, while unicorns have appeared (and disappeared as fast) online.

Then, there’s the Camail Key Ring (SGD1550), also known as the structured sister to the Rodeo Charm, except this one’s constructed from Epsom calfskin that’s known for its ability to be resistant to scratches. It also comes with an additional ring hidden within which can be used to hang a key or two, which also explains why it is priced slightly higher than the others. The third in the line-up? That would be the Paddock Fer A Cheval Charm (SGD850), an evergreen favourite that is shaped like a classic horseshoe.

The next two are fun designs that showcase the Maison’s playful charm. The Paddock Bombe Charm (SGD1050) is shaped like a cap, constructed from a mix of Butler and Swift calfskin and finished with a palladium plated buckle right at the tip. The Orange Charm (SGD710), on the other hand, is the baby of the lot. It goes without saying that this piece that is shaped like Hermès’ signature orange paper bag is also the hottest must-have right now, constructed from padded Milo lambskin that’s similar to the Rodeo Charm.

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