Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2020 Monogram Tuffetage Trunk


Virgil Abloh continues to up the game in his third runway show for the luxury house, staging his Spring-Summer 2020 collection on the cobbled streets of Place Dauphine, where the idea of a colourful garden takes centrestage. A highlight of the collection would have to be the pieces that came in Monogram Tuffetage, which is essentially an embroidered version of Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram Canvas. Pieces in the range come with a ‘turfed green’ finish that’s created using a weaving technique known as tufting (hence the name), where embroidery is layered over the canvas base to create the illusion of moss, or grass, if you will.

You’ve seen it on bags like the Mini Soft Trunk (SGD5100) and Trunk Speedy (SGD6050) over on IGS, which came in Black and Bright-Yellow Monogram Tuffetage respectively. Still, for the handful of you out there who crave for pieces that are extra special, there are these bags that are all MTO (made-to-order) pieces.


In a gorgeous shade of green and given extra textured finish that creates a 3D impression, there’s the Clutch Box (SGD13,100) that’s furnished with Virgil’s signature elements like chains, hooks and mat pin closure, as well as the Wallet Trunk (SGD11,200) which is a miniaturised version of Vuitton’s signature hard-sided luggage, downsized for the everyday and opening to two gusseted compartments that’s great for all your essentials.


The pièce de résistance would have to be the Malle Courrier Lozine 110. You can call it the modern-day interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s Malle Fleurs (or Flower Trunk), except this one comes in a water-resistant plexiglass and Vuittonite lining that allows it to be filled with flowers, soil and water with no worries at all. Measuring 110 cm wide and 48 cm high, this will make a true conversation starter at home when you have guests over, and you can even place it within your indoor garden and admire it daily as you water your plants.

All 3 pieces are only made to order, and you will have to indicate your interest with the CAs at the boutique to get it produced and shipped over to you. How much for the Malle Courrier Lozine 110? Well, that will set you back by SGD107,000 (yes, you’re reading it right), which makes it three times as much as the Multi-Flowers Keepall 50 which you read about last year.


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