Fauré Le Page: 5 SLGs To Check Out


Instead of sulking and wondering when exactly these cases are coming back in stock in Singapore, feast your eyes on a fresh selection of SLGs which have landed over at Fauré Le Page’s boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre. A number of them aren’t exactly new designs per se, but they have been replenished in a wider selection of colours to choose from, a definite plus for those who love extra colour options.

The single common factor amongst the 5? Each of them comes with a brilliant yellow leather trim (the Mars Ochre hue is a tribute to the God of War) that gives a bold pop of colour against the canvas body, beginning with the 4CC Card Holder (SGD420) which is exactly as described, coming with two slots front and back to store all your essential cards. There’s even a central pocket which is slightly more forgiving, so you can squeeze in extra cards (or cash/receipts) if you so wish to.

Next up, the 6CC Wallet (SGD590) is a classic bifold that’s perfect for the lads. This one comes with a full leather interior that’s lovely to the touch, armed with two side slots and an elongated bill compartment to keep everything neatly within. As for the fans of all things vertical, that’s where the 8CC Wallet (SGD590) comes in, featuring a sleek profile which can be kept like a pocket organiser within your blazer or coat, while still being able to hold a tad more in comparison to the 6CC version.

The fourth would be the chic-looking Passport Cover (SGD420) so you can always travel in style, coming with an extra pocket on the interior that will fit a card or two. Lastly, the Chasse Gardée Étendard (SGD1190) which is essentially the perfect zipped wallet that’s jam-packed with loads of pockets for all your essentials. There are 12 slots to store every single credit card you will ever need and another zippered compartment for all your coins. Bills and receipts go into the longer slots so you never have to worry about folding them and there’s even extra space within to store your mobile phone. The best part? It comes with a detachable (and adjustable) shoulder strap so you can carry it like a WOC, doubling up as a handy purse as well.


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