Moynat Toile 1920 Canvas Envelope Pouch


Aside from fine leather handbags and a selection of gorgeous Limousine trunks, Moynat is also renowned for its eye-catching SLGs, ranging from the uber-cute Macaron Charms, to the bigger pieces like continental wallets and everyday pouches for you to consider from.


And today the spotlight falls on a rather quirky accessory called the Envelope Pouch, one that’s essentially a combination of a cardholder and a zipped pouch merged into one. While classic versions of the SLG typically come in full Carat calfskin leather, these shiny (thanks in part to the metallic bronze pigment on the letter M) new versions above are constructed from the Toile 1920 canvas body and furnished with an origami-esque smooth calfskin cardholder right in front. It goes without saying that your cards and such fit into the compartment in front, while everything else like cash, coins and folded receipts go into the zipped pocket behind.

Considering it comes in a size that measures 13 cm by 8 cm, the Envelope Pouch can even double up as a compact wallet for days when you feel like switching it up to a fuss-free piece. Priced at SGD700 each, you will be able to find them at Moynat boutiques in Singapore, available in 3 different options like Carbone (Black), Indigo (Blue) and Madder (Red). Now, for those who prefer a bigger pouch, the next size up (priced a tad higher at SGD870) comes in at 18 cm by 11 cm, but that’s currently sold out in Singapore. But if you want, you know the drill. Just head down and put yourself on the wait list, ok?


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