Cult Gaia Coco Bamboo Tote


When is a bird cage not a bird case? When it is a bag, of course. Everyone, meet Cult Gaia’s latest offering, the Coco Bamboo Tote which definitely looks like a way fancier variation of the ones local uncles will keep their prized songbirds in.

And even though it is shaped like a traditional wooden bird cage, this one comes with an open top so you can fill it up with your daily essentials, be it to town for to the beach. Measuring 36 cm by 39 cm, it comes finished with smooth bamboo handles that makes it super easy to take around with you. Priced at GBP305, this oddity of a bag is only available via NET-A-PORTER UK for the moment, but don’t let stop you.

The bonus? When you check out, the final price is less VAT, so long as the bag is being shipped out of the country to say, Singapore. In other words, after all is said and done, the Coco Bamboo Tote will cost some SGD485 approximately, which isn’t so bad considering the amount of looks you’ll be getting carrying this cage, no wait, bag, around.


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