Moynat Summer Holiday Macarons


Affectionately known as macarons, what you are looking at are the new Summer Holiday offerings from French luxury bag maker Moynat, the same peeps who insist till today to craft bags, SLGs and accessories the old-fashioned way. Although often labourious and time-consuming, it does ensure their high standards are maintained, staying true to their ethos of producing high quality leather goods no matter the cost or time.

Technically bag charms (though there’s no stopping you if you want to attach a bunch of keys to it), the cheaper more efficient way would be simply printing the patterns on the leather on the quadruplet above, which range from a mermaid’s tail to an octopus and even a seahorse and sunnies. The old-fashioned way is to individually cut out little pieces of leather which are then pieced together much like a jigsaw puzzle. Which is 100 times more difficult but something that celebrates the true art of marquetry that Moynat does so well.

Priced at SGD600 each, they are now available at Moynat boutiques in Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre.


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