Jacquemus ‘Le Sac À l’Envers’ Bag


Who is Simon Porte Jacquemus? Well, he is the man behind the brand Jacquemus (named after his mother’s maiden name), who happens to be one of fashion’s rising stars, famed for avant-garde silhouettes and that signature ‘big round hat’, the huge circle straw hat that created quite a buzz when it came down the runway a year ago. Self-taught, Simon launched his namesake label when he was just 19, before being selected as a finalist for the LVMH Prize in 2014, and subsequently winning an LVMH special prize in 2015.

Now, for those of you who have completely ignored the first paragraph and spent the past minute or so figuring out the exact pronunciation, no, Jacquemus isn’t Jacky Mousse or Yucky Moss. Rather, it’s Jahk-Muhss as Fashionista puts it, which carries that Parisian ring (and air) to it when you pronounce Jacquemus with your head tilted upwards at a 15 degree angle.

And the subject of today’s post isn’t about the hat, but this bag, which is another challenge to pronounce. Known as the Jacquemus ‘Le Sac À l’Envers’ Bag, it is as eye-catching as it is unusual. Styled to look as if the bag is upside down, this all-suede creation comes with a pair of opulent twisted gold chains that gives you different ways of carrying the bag. The zip opening is located at the bottom of the bag (that’s when it is carried upside down), but you can always just carry it the right side up, if that makes any sense.

Available via MATCHESFASHION where it retails for SGD1080 (yes, they do ship to Singapore), you can pick between the one in Black and the one in Pink. Just remember, if you want to carry it right side up just make sure the zip at the bottom is properly closed.


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