Chanel F/W17 Laminated Lambskin Silver Sneakers


Disclaimer. This post was originally supposed to be about 3 new pairs of Fall-Winter 2017 sneakers from Chanel, but after much consideration, only this pair really stood out for me. From the #ChanelGroundControl line-up that’s already available in stores locally, it’s the perfect representative of everything that’s right about this collection.

Looking like a pair of Converse sneakers that were simply spray silver, these aren’t quite exactly the same. For starters, it is not made up of canvas or even aluminium foil, it’s actually laminated lambskin, which explains that shimmery, almost mirror-like surface. Super discreet as far as the logo is concerned, you’ll only find it inner throat of the sneaker where it reads CHANEL. And that’s it really, no CC logo on the heel or the toe, which is fine by me since they are already able to stop traffic in the dead of the night.

Finished with silver laces (because it is isn’t already eye-catching enough), some parts of the shoe also looks like it has liquid silver poured over it, which just adds to the overall look if you ask me. The best thing? It will only set you back by SGD1060, which isn’t bad for what’s essentially a pair of runway ready leather sneakers. Sizes do go up to 43, so boys, if you’re considering adding this to your repertoire just make sure you head down stat before they all run out.

Image: Chanel

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