Chanel: It’s Not Just Gold, It’s Beige


When you think of Chanel’s colour beige, you would typically picture their compact powder cases that bear the sandy, powdery hue we’ve all grown to know and love. A colour much loved by Coco Chanel herself, it was the colour of her quilted suede cushions, and also a colour she used liberally at her Rue Cambon boutique. A gorgeous neutral that does not overpower and best described as the shade between pink and yellow, it naturally led to the French luxury label creating their own precious alloy back in 2014 that’s still exclusive to them today; it’s simply known as Beige Gold.

For days when you find the traditional yellow gold too jarring, white gold far too plain, or even rose gold being too pink (yes, I’ve heard that before), Beige Gold is that perfect in-between too hard and too soft, a beautiful neutral like no other. Perfect for the lady who prefers to carry off the accessory (instead of letting the accessory overpower her), Beige Gold would be that colour of choice. Besides a selection of Coco Crush fine jewellery that it comes in, this subtle, glimmering hue is also now found on a selection of Chanel’s fine timepieces as well.

The perfect colour that surrounds the mother of pearl or opaline dials on the timepieces, Beige Gold carries a certain charm to it, with Coco Chanel declaring it one of her favourite colours saying, ‘It’s my colour and will always and forever be fashionable.’

And with timeless watches encased with Beige Gold crowns, from the Première to the Boy.Friend and even the masterpiece that is Monsieur de Chanel, let it be your colour of choice and one that you’ll find exclusively at Chanel Watches & Fine Jewellery today.

Image: Chanel

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