Chanel: Living In The Now With The J12 (Part 2)


You’ve seen the ‘Le Duel‘ campaign in the earlier post, as well as a sneak peek at the #MademoiselleJ12 over on Instagram where we threw Michael Jackson’s famous line over to you. ‘Black? Or White?’. Truthfully though, while many of you were on either #TeamWhite or #TeamBlack (with a couple choosing both), there is no one ‘right’ colour’, as all of you are right in your own way.


Continuing our series of Time According to Chanel, Chanel firmly believes that it’s not about differentiating between the two, because colours Black and White actually support each other, and in fact complement one another. How? If you look beneath the bezel, both watches actually feature both colours. The White J12 has Black elements like time markers and fonts, while the Black J12 is simply an exact mirror of the White. You can see how both colours work effortlessly well together (pleasing to the eyes, no doubt), and it’s simply a matter of which colour you feel like carrying off for the day as you prepare and get ready to head out in the morning.

Another great thing about the J12 lies in it’s versatility. It’s a watch that looks good on both men and women. Yes, even though it’s predominantly a ladies watch, it’s a watch that men (who have the confidence and style, no less) can pull off equally well as well. It’s versatility further extends in its ability to be dressed up and down, for days where you’re out to make a killer fashion statement, or on-off days where you’re heading out in a casual outfit with the J12 sitting comfortably on the wrist.

Black and White. His and Hers. All in one with the J12. How will you wear yours today?


And if you appreciate the J12‘s irreverent sense of time, you’ll definitely also love this new limited edition release. Known as the #J12Graffiti, all the numbers on the dial seem to be falling off the case, which fittingly is very Chanel and its infinite reinterpretations of time. Limited to just 1200 pieces worldwide, these high-tech ceramic beauties only come in sizes 33 mm and 38 mm, priced at SGD6650 and SGD7550 respectively.

Images: Chanel

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