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‘Art is fashion, and fashion is art,’ said artist Trouble Andrew in Gucci’s Ginza boutique this morning where I had the honour of being present. Yes, I’m in Tokyo now for the launch of Gucci’s latest art project, #Gucci4Rooms, where art and fashion have united in the most wondrous way. The 4 artists, Mr., Chiharu Saito and Daito Manabe, along with Trouble Andrew, have expressed in their own rooms the world of Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, one that’s filled with the codes that Michele has instilled since his recent tenure began.


#GucciGarden by Mr.


#GucciHerbarium by Chiharu Saito


#GucciWords by Daito Manabe


#GucciGhost by Trouble Andrew

Playful, interactive, sometimes overwhelming but in the best possible way, each artist takes a code and expresses it in the medium they know best, from Mr.’s anime and manga inspired #GucciGarden to Chiharu Saito’s intensively red room that plays on #GucciHerbarium. Daito Manabe, the multi-media artist who specialises in light projections, has a room where you get to ‘move’ the displays using a game that’s half Pokémon, half pinball. Last but not least, Trouble Andrew gets to fully express himself with #GucciGhost in a room that’s filled with huge sculptures, more wall-art and even a stacked set of vintage TV sets playing his artworks on loop.

Open to the public (with free admission), you can see visit the first 3 rooms at Gucci’s Ginza boutique with the fourth room (Trouble Andrew’s #GucciGhost) located on the ground level of Dover Street Market Ginza, which is well within walking distance of the former. The exhibition runs till 27 November, so if you’re heading up before that, this is one more thing you should most definitely add to your list of must-dos.

For those of you who aren’t going up, fret not. There’s a #Gucci4Rooms microsite that you can visit virtually at, where you’ll also get to experience what ‘art is fashion and fashion is art’ truly means. One more thing. To unlock Trouble Andrew’s #GucciGhost room online, you’ll first have to ‘catch’ 3 ghosts first which you’ll find floating in other 3 rooms. Fun!

Images: Bagaholicboy & Gucci

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