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Have you heard of Strathberry? Well, neither have I. But seeing how it kept popping up on my social media feeds of late only piqued my curiosity and the end result of it all is this post, on what I think should be your next #cheapandchic buy, Strathberry’s Nano Tote.

Founded in 2013, the Edinburgh-based luxury label makes all their leather bags in Spain; they are defined by clean lines, the signature bar closure and the use of good quality materials. Prices aren’t stratospheric either. Take the Nano Tote for example, a 18 cm by 15 cm calf leather mini carryall that comes with a single top handle, that signature bar closure (which I suppose doubles up as the other ‘handle’) and a detachable chain shoulder sling. How much, you ask? Well, it’s just GBP275, or around SGD470 after conversion. Which I do think is a steal.


Available in at least 13 different colours (including the ones in Powder Blue and Vanilla that are shown above), their signature tote also comes in 2 more sizes, a Midi (29.5 cm by 24 cm) and a regular size which comes in at 37 cm by 27.5 cm. And the best news possible? You can order them all online via, where they offer international shipping in 5 to 10 days at no additional cost. Which is always an added incentive especially when shopping online.

Images: Strathberry

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