Coach 75th Anniversary Holiday 2016 Collection


With it being American leather house Coach’s 75th anniversary this year, one of the many surprises they have up their sleeves includes these leather dinosaurs, namely Rexy, Woolly, Tricky and Steggy. It’s a dinosaur, so what, right? Well, while most anyone can make another bag and call it an anniversary special, the thing about Coach is that they chose to work on something more challenging.

A bit like 3D jigsaw puzzles, I’m assuming the most difficult bits were to design something that a) looked good, b) could stand upright properly and c) all while using leather and joining them up piece by piece, which I can imagine won’t be easy. Just try recalling the last time you saw three-dimensional animal figures made out of leather and you’ll know what I mean.


But while they are pretty to look at, they won’t do much else besides being great decor items, right? Well, not quite. Rexy, for example, comes in the form of oversized bag charms/keyrings that you can now buy at Coach boutiques in Singapore. The Coach Beasts will also be making appearances on a large variety of bags, SLGs and other leather goods, from leather coasters to luggage tags, which I’ll be doing more updates on once more imagery and prices come in.

For now though, follow this link and see for yourself how adorable Rexy is, or better yet, head down to Coach Wisma Atria to see all the newest arrivals.

Images: Coach

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