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Here’s a quick update from my favourite ‘obscure’ luxury house that’s still under the radar (but in a good way) as far as I’m concerned. Obscure in the sense that because not many know of it yet, you don’t see their elegant and understated bags everywhere. Which in Singapore can mean three of the same SGD12,000 bag (and in the same colour, no less) just tables apart. #truestory

But today’s post isn’t about embarrassed tai-tais* trying to hide their shame when they were all told their bag was one of a kind in Singapore (#truestory, but a post for another day), but Moynat’s new season collaboration with French graphic artist Mambo.

Amongst other pieces, Artistic director Ramesh Nair created a unique trunk that contains a foldout easel, one that can be pushed upright to hold up to 6 works, and in this case, Mambo’s works, which are now on display at Paris’ Le Bon Marché till 16 October. Then there are the leather pouches (shown above) featuring Mambo’s iconic ‘Portraits’ with the help of marquetery, a craft where leather pieces are cut out in different colours/shapes before they are ‘joined’ back to form the design. In other words, it’s not something as simple as a printed piece of leather.

Available in two sizes (35 cm by 25 cm and 23 cm by 17 cm), there are also passport covers, a Quattro tote and silk twill scarves, all of which Moynat will be most happy to deliver to you anywhere in the world. For more images, information and pricing, you can drop them an email via [email protected]. Or check them out online here.

*A wealthy married woman who does not work. Like Kris Jenner. But divorced. And has a younger boyfriend now.

Image: Moynat

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