Valentino S/S15 Mime Collection

valentino_ss15-mime-collection2 I don’t know if you feel the same way, but Valentino seems to be ace when it comes to making things you can’t love at first sight, but if you give it enough time, slowly but surely it will start to grow on you. I initially thought the Camupsychedelic and 1973 collections to be too lurid and in your face, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. Not everything, of course, but selected pieces here and there.

And then there’s Mime, from S/S15 that I also didn’t exactly love from the get-go. Basically a collection made up of pieces in floral printed patchworked leather, it’s not as gaudy as say, 1973 but it’s still an eyeful nonetheless. Part-gypsy, part-hipster and all graphic, there are a a couple of things I adore, like the printed calfskin leather sneakers (shown above) that come in at USD830 a pair.



valentino_ss15-mime-collection1 And then there are the bags, which come in almost every style imaginable. The clutch (also in printed calfskin leather) is love, the front flap messenger-style satchel is adorable, which leaves us with the single handle bag. Not loving or hating it, just pretty blah, if you ask me. Prices here start from USD2780, and if you want to, you can browse Valentino online and order up a couple; yes they do ship to Singapore directly.

valentino_ss15-mime-collection5 And before I sign off, here’s another look at the sneaker I adore. Will Valentino do one for the boys soon? Please?

Images: Valentino

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