Cartier S/S15 Amulette de Cartier Collection

cartier_2015-amulette-de-cartier-collection1 Consider this an update. After the launch of Cartier’s Amulette de Cartier collection last year with its mostly mother-of-pearl, gold and diamond jewellery pieces, the collection is back again with all new pieces added to its repertoire. Featuring 7 new gemstones that come in everything from the most delicate of pendants to rings and earrings, colours range from precious pastels to rich deep hues and include the likes of opal to malachite and lapis lazuli, just to name a few.


cartier_2015-amulette-de-cartier-collection3 More fittingly, each piece you’ll buy comes with special significance, since each gemstone is attributed with their own symbolic interpretation. From chrysoprase’s fulfilment, carnelian’s vitality and opal’s happiness (shown above top down), or you could choose protection with mother-of-pearl or onyx for courage. The pendants come in 3 sizes (Extra Small, Small and Medium), which also means they would fit nicely on even the most petite of Asian ladies.

cartier_2015-amulette-de-cartier-collection4 Last but not least, the Amulette de Cartier rings which I think are a new addition this time round. Available in 2 sizes (Small and Extra-Small), and by size I’m referring to the diameter of the ring’s surface, the rings come in yellow (or rose) gold, along with the various gemstones and of course, the single diamond. No word yet on its official release in SG or its prices in SGD, so expect another update soon.

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