Coach Swagger20 Carryall

coach_ss15-swagger20-caryall Looking like the lovechild of at least 3 bags is the new S/S15 offering from Coach, the Swagger, which comes in a few sizes. No prizes on guessing my favourite, of course, the tiniest of the lot, the Swagger20. Better yet, it will come in at least 8 different colours, from brighter colours like Acid Lemon and Pea to pastel hues like Mint and Peach. Measuring some 20 cm across by 14.5 cm, it has a well-organised interior for bits and bobs and also sports its very own long shoulder sling.

Priced at USD350 (I’ll update the price in SGD once I get it) and to be made available in early February, it’s definitely THE bag for the season as far as affordability and fun are concerned. One more thing before I sign off, for those who like their bags a tad shimmery, it also comes in 3 different metallic hues, Metallic Pea, Metallic Sky and Metallic Tangerine for the extra bit of bling.

Image: Coach

Update: 16 February 2015
Now available in Singapore, the Coach Swagger20 Carryall retails for SGD645 locally and you’ll find it via their boutiques within Paragon and Wisma Atria.

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