Saint Laurent Nano Classic Sac De Jour

saint_laurent_nano-classic-sac-de-jour1 One of the bags that has been sitting high on my #lovelovelove list ever since it was launched is the Classic Sac De Jour, a rejigged reinterpreted reimagined framed top handle bag from Saint Laurent that everyone knows looks like someone else’s bag but still loves nonetheless. And the surest way to know if the bag is popular is to count the new season variations/sizes because the way I see it, the more there are this season just reflects on how well it did last season.

And in the case of the SDJ, there’s no denying its status of currently holding top position as the French luxury house’s ‘it’ bag, especially with the two newish sizes just added to the family. First up, the Nano Classic Sac De Jour, which is as small as it gets for the SDJ. Measuring some 22 cm by 18 cm, it lacks nothing of the features that come with her bigger siblings and you’ll still find the long shoulder sling, slot pocket, padlock and key, albeit shrunken every so slightly just to up its ‘cute’ factor.

saint_laurent_nano-classic-sac-de-jour2 Priced from SGD2990 for the ones in calfskin leather, all the way to SGD27,300 for the ones in exotic crocodile, another variation worth checking out comes embellished in studs (shown above) that will set you back by SGD4080.

saint_laurent_baby-classic-sac-de-jour If you love the Nano Classic SDJ but feel the need to carry at least half your kitchen sink around when you’re out and about (because God forbid you’re in town and without your 34 privilege cards, 5 sticks of lip gloss and a stuffed wallet filled with receipts you don’t really need), you can always go up one size and check out the Baby. Yes, the Baby Classic Sac De Jour is bigger than the Nano but smaller than the Small, measuring some 26 cm by 21 cm.

Also available in a variety of colours and finishes, the ones that are available now in Singapore include the ones in Violet (shown above), Fog (you know, that perfect shade of misty grey) and Black. Priced from SGD3440 and up, it’s a good size for work and play. Well, maybe just play, because if it is for work I’ll probably go up another size or two.

Images: Saint Laurent

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  • kelly says:

    Hey! I will be going to US to get a bag and but i am torn between choosing the Mini Antigona, the Nano Sac De Jour or the Nano Luggage (all in black)… Would love to hear some opinons!

  • SUE says:

    I’m confused. How many sizes are there actually? I thought ‘Nano’ and ‘Baby’ were referring to the same thing.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      LOL! I don’t blame you either. Just for the record, the Baby is still bigger than the Nano. As a quick reference, the Baby measures 10.1″ across, the Nano, 8.6″ across. Hope this helps.

  • rosemary says:

    such a beauty!

  • Yoyo says:

    Will it be cheaper if I purchase from Saint Laurent’s USA website? Or it will be cheaper if I buy directly from the local retail store?

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      That would be really dependent on the currency you’re comparing to USD with. If you compare the Nano in leather, it only costs around SGD250 more in Singapore. You could get it from the US, but the site doesn’t ship internationally and you might have to pay GST (another 7%) so it might just be easier to get it in SG.

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