PB0110 AB21 Shoulder

pb0110_ss15-ab21-shoulder It’s true what they say sometimes. The simpler it is, the more beautiful it can be. And in the case of PB0110’s AB21 Shoulder, it couldn’t be more true. Part of what I love about what I do here day in, day out is stumbling upon new brands of bags, and that’s what happened with PB0110 when I was shopping surfing through SSENSE.

A German company whose bags are created in Europe (tanneries in Belgium and Poland, linen from Italy and so on), their bags are designed in the aesthetic that I adore. Clean, almost minimal, no-nonsense and sharp, which also means if they are made right, they will be relevant even in 2115.

pb0110_ab21-shoulder-trio Take the aforementioned AB21 Shoulder, for example. A shoulder bag that comes rounded around the bottom, there’s something very updated about it even though the shape is pretty common. Sporting a really long shoulder sling that can be adjusted to 5 different lengths, the 20 cm by 17 cm comes in 3 colours for S/S15, a light ash, a summery yellow and of course, the standard black.

Weighing just 350g (they weighed it, I didn’t), it is also rather light on the pocket, retailing for EUR449, or around SGD695 after conversion. You can check out the AB21 Shoulder (along with other beautiful pieces, including a larger-sized AB14) for yourself via their online site, or SSENSE if you prefer to order directly from the US-based site.

Images: PB0110

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