B3: Balenciaga Le Dix Triple S, Navy Pochette & Neo Classic Mini Chain

balenciaga_ss15-le-dix-triple-s-navy-pochette-neo-classic-mini-chain B3: A trio of tips, treats or tricks brought to you by Bagaholicboy

Because I’ve taken it upon myself to suss out the most interesting bags of the season so you don’t have to (and hopefully, I’m doing a decent job), here are 3 newish pieces from Balenciaga worth a second look. A trio of sling bags, we’ve got 2 in leather and one in cotton canvas.

First up, the Le Dix Triple S, a calfskin leather sling that’s basically (and let’s be honest here) Balenciaga’s take on Céline’s Trio. Measuring almost 27 cm across, it comes with 2 separate zip compartments, along with a patch pocket in one of the compartments. More interesting is the tiny mirror that comes with it, hanging off the sling like a bag charm, which is cute. The only thing I can’t get over is the price of the sling, which at USD1465 is a tad too pricey IMHO. In other words, best wait for it to go on sale.

Next up, something I featured last season that I’m still quite fond of, the Navy Pochette that’s now also available online via Club21. Priced at around SGD1033 and looking like something you should get for free with any fragrance purchase, it’s exactly that touch of irony I’m loving about it as well.

Last but not least, the Neo Classic Mini Chain that at first glance looks like Eve from the Wall-E movie. Even smaller than the first two slings featured here (it’s just 16 cm across), it does have some interesting detailing going for her, from the bicycle-chain-like metal sling to the metal frame that goes around the sling. The most expensive of the 3, the USD1635 bag is also the most adorable of the lot. And is it just me, or are Balenciaga’s bags just much more pricey these days?

Image: Balenciaga

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