All You Need To Know About Rimowa’s Classic Vs Original Lines



Rimowa has undergone plenty of changes in recent years since LVMH absorbed it into its extensive label stable. From adopting a fresh new logo and identity to spearheading collaborations with brands like Dior, Supreme and most recently Aimé Leon Dore, the premium luggage manufacturer continues to up the ante, reinforcing its position as the go-to brand for all things travel.

But how much do you know about its signature luggage selections? For example, what separates the Classic and Original ranges, when they appear so similar at first glance? Well, for starters, the Classic was originally Classic Flight, and essentially the OG collection. And what’s now the Original was previously the Topas. Not confusing at all, right?

Moving along, the Classic family now comprises five sizes, while the Original offers a whopping 11. But for the sake of comparison, let’s focus on the Cabin S size (the smallest of both styles) here. Each measures 55 cm tall by 40 cm wide by 20 cm deep, and weigh exactly 4.2 kg. Rimowa’s high-end anodised aluminium alloy also makes up their equally rigid exteriors.


But that’s where the similarities end and where your personal preferences begin to matter. The TSA locks on the Classic pieces are integrated into the luggage and open with a satisfying click. Whereas you’ll find the ones on the Original within dedicated slots - some consider this sleeker - and opens to a more subdued sound.

The corners of the Classic feature riveted high-gloss aluminium that stands out from afar, while its leather handles harken back to the early days of travel. On the other hand, tone-on-tone plastic handles complement the Original’s all-round matte finish for a more contemporary look and feel.

Recently, Rimowa introduced personalisation for the Classic range at an additional cost. You can customise the colours of the leather handles, along with wheel colours of your choice. While this isn’t an option for the Original, it’s readily available in black, silver and titanium hues. The Classic, to date, only comes in black and silver.

Naturally, there are also price differences. The Classic Cabin S retails from SGD2010, while its Original counterpart comes in at SGD1910. Keen to find out more? Head down to either Rimowa boutique at Mandarin Gallery or Marina Bay Sands to get up close with the pieces, and decide for yourself.

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