Expect The Unexpected With Cartier Libre’s Polymorph Collection



The annual Cartier Libre collection is, as its name suggests, one that is designed with total freedom. There are no rules, but only creations that push artistic boundaries in constant pursuit of innovation. This year’s new edition? The Polymorph, a collection of watches and jewellery that share a common characteristic, the ability to transform.

Every year, Cartier Libre draws on an unprecedented source of inspiration to unveil pieces that astonish and produces them in limited editions. The latest collection is no different. Inspired by nature and its constant evolution, the transversal line-up draws on the maison’s passion for the unexpected.

Welcome playful, flexible bedazzled pieces that animate the still. The Polymorph highlights range from an enchanting bracelet that traces the path of the sun’s trajectory to a dazzling ring with a size-changing diamond dome that sways like a flower’s precious pistil.

Other unexpected pieces include a graphic brooch that takes the shape of a panther’s four claws. Beneath its large moonstones and snow-set diamonds hides a miniature watch face paved with diamonds. Another time-telling accessory comes in the form of a carabiner. Indeed, the fully functional timepiece, paved with diamonds and colourful gems, clips discreetly onto a bag or belt.

The Polymorph collection holds many more surprises, including a celestial ring with rotating discs to imitate the effect of a solar eclipse, as well as a shoulder jewel with a watch charm. Whichever you choose, get ready to expect the unexpected with Cartier Libre.

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