A Celebration Of Heritage With Loewe’s Crafted World In Shanghai



Loewe’s first major exhibition invites visitors to embark on a sensorial journey through its 178-year history. Curated by creative director Jonathan Anderson, #LOEWECraftedWorld is a love letter to its artisans and collaborators that shaped the brand’s evolution from a humble leather workshop in Madrid to the global fashion house of today.

Designed together with OMA, the exhibition features interactive elements that give a fresh (and fun) perspective of Loewe’s story. Held at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, #LOEWECraftedWorld is open to the public from 22 March to 5 May. Entry is free with a simple registration online.


The journey begins with a showcase of archival pieces. Such as the ‘mouse box’, which Anderson particularly loves for its sense of humour. Custom costumes Rihanna and Beyoncé wore at the Super Bowl and Renaissance Tour respectively are also on display.


The next chapter pays homage to Spain, evident in the baskets and bucket bags done in collaboration with Spanish artisans. Then it’s on to ‘The Atelier’ to learn what goes into the creative process behind Loewe’s signature leather goods. Anderson felt compelled to showcase the prototyping, testing and tools involved in manipulating leather by hand, all of which goes on behind the scenes.

“When we see it in the store, we do not think of how it is made. I wanted to show the huge amount of technology, craft and engineering that goes into making a bag. Some of the bags require hundreds of components and processes. Yes, machines are involved. But fundamentally it is led by man.”

In ‘Fashion Without Limits’, 69 looks from over a decade of runway collections proudly adorn mannequins, amidst select pieces from Loewe’s art collections. Then it’s on to ‘United In Craft’, featuring works from the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize. This celebrates the best of Chinese bamboo-weavers, Ecuadorian tapestry artists, Indian ribbon-makers and South African basket-makers.

Other key segments of the exhibition include a pronunciation tunnel to learn how to say LOEWE. Not ‘low-wee’ nor ‘loo-wee’, but a three-syllable pronunciation of ‘LO-WEH-VAY’. You can also look forward to the Studio Ghibli room with a climbable Totoro chair, and a suspended flower garden in a hall of mirrors inspired by C.F.A. Voysey, amongst others.

Don’t leave without checking out the gift shop at the end of the exhibition. You’ll find exclusive items such as #LOEWECraftedWorld notebooks, postcards, t-shirts and multicoloured leather ‘toolboxes’ for sale. In the making for over two years, Shanghai is only the first stop in this travelling exhibition. #LOEWECraftedWorld will move to another capital city in 2025, so stay tuned.

For more information, do visit LOEWE.com