Go From Shopper To Clutch With The Fendi Flip



Fendi’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection embraces playful spirit and audacious creativity with the introduction of the Fendi Flip. This versatile bag goes from boxy shopper to streamlined clutch in one simple flip. Spotted on 12 different runway looks, the Fendi Flip is more than just a statement accessory for the season.

Each bag features a prominent F logo embossing on both sides, along with a foldable base. This allows for surprising spaciousness when you use it as a shopper. For days when you need a compact silhouette, just flip the flap down and it automatically transforms into a clutch.

The Fendi Flip also seamlessly transitions from day to night, with a choice of either medium or large sizes. Measuring 33 cm by 29 cm and 40 cm by 35 cm respectively, both work just as well over the shoulder or under the arm. For an added touch of fun, an adorable nano version lets you wear it as a crossbody or bag charm.

The multifunctional design with a unique construction is also the perfect canvas for contrasting shades. True to the brand’s signature style, vibrant colourblock combinations include browns with red and blue, and classic black and white.

A special edition features the playful FF Puzzle motif, echoing the abstract exploration of the FF logo throughout Fendi’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection.

Prices start at SGD1050 for the Nano Fendi Flip, going up to SGD2590 for the Medium Fendi Flip and SGD3150 for the Large Fendi Flip.

For more information, do visit FENDI.com