Get Your Shine On With Tiffany & Co.’s Vide Poche Capsule

Tiffany & Co. Vide PochePHOTO COURTESY OF TIFFANY & CO.>

Tiffany & Co.’s Home & Accessories collection is a world where everyday objects blossom into expressions of artistry and purpose. Its latest creations include the metallic Vide Poche (French for ‘empty pocket’), a tray that doubles as a shiny display.

While porcelain makes up the 21 cm by 17 cm tray itself, it features a hand-painted metallic upper. On which showcase embossings of its iconic logos. Three options in Gold, Rose Gold and of course, Tiffany & Co.’s signature Silver, are available at SGD580 each.

More than just a receptacle to toss your keys and loose change into, the Vide Poche also promises to uplift the space with an extra touch of shine. Be it the TV console, entryway or bedside table, just picture the metallic tray catching the light for a soft, radiant glow.


But if you fancy smaller versions for holding precious jewellery, check out the set of four miniature trays that come in at 7.5 cm by 6.5 cm each. Aside from three metallic finishes, the fourth colour gets a Tiffany Blue coat with contrasting white logos. Not available individually, the Metallic Vide Poche Set comes in its own box and a retail price of SGD580.

Get your shine on with Tiffany & Co. by adding extra shine with these metallic trays. Go all out with either the OG size or get four miniature versions; the choice is all yours.

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