#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 8 Dragon Bags To Celebrate Lunar New Year



Lunar New Year is fast approaching, and with it comes the mighty roar of the dragon. The mythical creature which symbolises power and prosperity is making its way onto some stunning new bags this year. Whether you prefer fierce and majestic styles or a playful and quirky aesthetic, there’s a dragon bag out there to make your Lunar New Year roar.

01 - Bottega Veneta Teen Jodie, SGD6760
Instead of a literal take on dragons, Bottega Veneta opts for a cheeky approach by dressing the entire outline of the Teen Jodie with scale-like detailing. Even the end of the knotted flap looks like a dragon’s tail. Besides, you can’t deny that the choice of colours like Sherbert and Camomile almost bring the bag to life. BOTTEGA VENETA

02 - Coach Boxed New Year Bandit Crossbody, SGD1100
Next up, Coach takes a rather traditional approach with the dragon print on its signature glove-tanned leather Bandit Crossbody. The elaborate print appears just above the C logo clasp on the front flap. Open it to access a spacious central compartment to contain all your daily needs. COACH

03 - Delvaux Cool Box Nano Lunar New Year, SGD5000
Delvaux’s recently remastered Cool Box now comes in a limited-edition style for the LNY. Two-tone leather marquetry detailing on the dragon flap complements the buttery-soft taurillon calfskin. In a luscious shade of pink called Bloom and complete with the golden D buckle, this exclusive offering lets you ring in the spring festival in style. DELVAUX

04 - Fauré Le Page Etendard Pochette Zip 27 Dragon Scale, SGD990
Get ready to make a statement with the zipper pouch from Fauré Le Page’s Dragon Scale collection. The cool Parisian Blue motif intertwines with fiery red elements, complete with an audacious dragon embroidery stamp. Another plus point? It comes in a great size for holding multiple red packets that you’re planning to either give or receive. FAURÉ LE PAGE

05 - Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU Petite, SGD5950
Fendi’s Peekaboo ISeeU Petite in brown FF fabric gets a quirky touch with the addition of Dratini. The dragon-type Pokémon is the perfect homage to the zodiac year without taking itself too seriously. Instead, it carries an adorable vibe that guarantees to make a statement at upcoming festive gatherings. FENDI

06 - Gucci Double G Mini Bag, SGD1690
Gucci’s impressive Year of the Dragon collection has plenty of goodies for men and women. The Italian fashion house opts to elevate its GG Supreme canvas with baby dragons adding a touch of fun. The bright pink creatures adorning the exterior of the Double G Mini Bag will surely bring out the child within. GUCCI

07 - Kenzo Stamp Large Leather Pouch, SGD430
The mythical dragon takes on a resplendent array of colours on Kenzo’s large leather pouch. This practical accessory comes in a perfectly round shape which Asians believe represents a sense of fullness and perfection. You can carry it by hand via the wrist strap, showing off the bold dragon stamp in front. KENZO

08 - MCM x BAPE Aren Tote, SGD1120
MCM and BAPE continue their stellar collaboration by honouring the majestic mythical creature. A dragon print infuses the APE HEAD charm, while the BAPE CAMO outline also comes in gold to symbolise prosperity. Measuring 22 cm by 19 cm, this miniature tote bag comes in MCM’s Visetos canvas with a structured body for all your daily essentials. MCM

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