All You Need To Know About Dior Prestige’s Luxurious Le Nectar Premier



Since its inception in 1999, Dior Beauty’s luxurious Prestige line focuses on delivering a dual skin regenerating and perfecting action. At the heart of all the products is, of course, its celebrated anti-ageing Rose de Granville ingredient.

This month, Dior launches a reformulation of its Prestige La Nectar Premier. It's a more potent version that replaces the maison’s previous Prestige Le Nectar and Prestige Le Nectar de Nuit serums. So what goes into the creation of one of the most expensive skincare products on the planet?


For the first time, Dior is using the half-closed first buds of the Rose de Granville in a skincare creation. To preserve its full molecular richness, this employs a cryo-extraction process for an extract that is twice as rich in revitalising factors as the blossoms. But because harvesting must happen at the height of their vitality, it’s a race against time.

For one thing, the Rose de Granville grows exclusively in Dior’s rose garden in Granville, Normandy. And since the ephemeral ‘first roses’ can only be picked one hour out of the entire year, they are rarer than rare. The precious bud extract is then combined with the line’s signature Rosapeptide complex. This gives rise to the new regenerative concentrate, Rosapeptide Premier.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the innovative formula also generates perfect bio-fusion with skin for seamless absorption. This means its molecules mimic the skin’s barrier to seal the formula’s effectiveness within the heart of the skin, hence ensuring extended release of active ingredients.

You’ll also be glad to know that this is the maison’s first refillable serum. The glass bottle, which dons golden mesh to reflect the mysterious hidden network of the skin, as well as its easy-to-use gilded refill, feature mostly recycled and recyclable materials.

This is in line with Dior’s commitment to transition to greener materials and sustainably sourced ingredients. Priced at SGD970 for 30 ML and SGD870 for a refill, the Prestige Le Nectar Premier is now available at Dior Beauty boutiques and counters islandwide, as well as online via the maison’s e-boutique.

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