Go All Out With The Superbusy Large From Balenciaga

Balenciaga Superbusy Large Sing BagPHOTO COURTESY OF BALENCIAGA

Ever felt like living up to the saying ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ when packing your bag? Balenciaga has the ideal solution with the Superbusy Large Sling Bag that will do just that. Think of it as your favourite shoulder bag amped up with an assortment of pockets and compartments all over the exterior.

Perfect for holding various bits and bobs, there are a total of seven zip and flap pockets on the front. These include a cardholder and a separate case for the oval-shaped AirPods Pro. Use them to store receipts, stationery, beauty essentials, and just about everything else.

If that’s not enough, flanking the Superbusy Large Sling Bag are another two pairs of flap and zip pockets. These could even hold snacks if you need a little pick-me-up while on the go. A flat zip pocket that will fit your mobile phone also sits on the back, close to your body. Finishing touches include two additional pockets on opposite ends of the shoulder sling.

Measuring 41 cm wide and 29 cm high, don’t forget the ample main compartment either. It’s surely big enough for a change of clothes, laptop and full-sized water bottle. All in all, chalk this up as a fun all-in-one for travels, weekend staycations or simply days when you simply have everything but the kitchen sink to carry.

Priced at SGD3750, the Superbusy Large Sling Bag comes in Black, Dark Green and Dark Grey in Arena lambskin leather, all given a crinkled effect and paired with aged-silver tone hardware.

For more information, do visit BALENCIAGA.com


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