#Bagaholicbébé: 4 Essential Skincare Tools



Looking to take your daily skincare routine up a notch? Facial tools are a great way to do so. Think revitalising facial massagers and rollers that enhance the absorption of skincare. At the same time, they work to lift, sculpt, relieve facial fatigue and aid lymphatic drainage.

Ready to transform your everyday beauty ritual? Then check out these four skincare tools that you never knew your favourite beauty brands made.

01 - Chanel Le Lift Pro Massage Tool, SGD85
Chanel created this dual-ended massage tool to boost the efficacy of its Le Lift Pro range. Cast in striking black and chrome, it not only promotes better absorption of skincare, but also redefines facial contours and volume.

Complete with the Chanel logo, the ergonomic design separates into two tools. You’ll get a triangular tip that targets wrinkles and a square tip to lift and shape. When you’re done, both pieces magnetically connect back together to form a sleek tool that’s compact enough to take with you anywhere. CHANEL

02 - Dior Prestige Quartz Rose de Modelage, SGD298
This isn’t your regular applicator and massage tool. But rather, it’s a work of art chiselled to look like a rose and a nod to the celebrated anti-ageing Rose de Granville ingredient that lies at the heart of the Dior Prestige range.

Best used together with the Dior Prestige La Crème for a holistic experience, the flat base of the rose quartz tool imparts a soothing effect. Then apply the applicator’s rose petals in rotating motions to gently reshape facial features. DIOR

03 - Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Facial Massager, SGD327
The bottles housing Estee Lauder’s transformative Re-Nutriv Ultimate Diamond range feature a diamond-faceted look to reflect its aim of delivering diamond-radiant skin. To match, its facial massager roller too comes with precisely angled facets. These work in tandem to caress every contour of your face.

Crafted in cooling golden alloy, the sculptural tool massages facial muscles to re-energise skin. While producing an indulgent sensation, it stimulates micro-circulation to impart a healthy-looking flush. ESTEE LAUDER

04 - Sisley Ginkgo Gua Sha, SGD180
When it comes to skincare, Sisley is synonymous with the use of natural botanicals. So it seems apt that the French brand introduced this ginkgo-shaped massaging device. It takes inspiration from the ginkgo biloba leaf, a key ingredient in many of its signature blends.

Reinterpreting the ancient Chinese gua sha ritual, this skincare companion is made from naturally cooling Zamac. Use its smooth edge to smooth and lift, curved edge to sculpt, and notched edges to smooth wrinkles. Finally, apply its spherical tip to stimulate key energy points. SISLEY

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