Cartier’s New Grain De Café Is Inspired By The Coffee Bean

Cartier Grain de Café CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF CARTIER

Find beauty in the unexpected. That’s the mantra for Cartier’s Grain de Café, as it takes the humble coffee bean as the starting point for this nature-inspired jewellery collection.

Cartier Grain de Café CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF CARTIER

Appearing on archival jewellery designs from the 1950s and 1960s, then-creative director Jeanne Toussaint designed them for Princess Grace of Monaco. Today, you can look forward to channelling her style, with new iterations of bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces and rings.

To create the Grain de Café motif, Cartier’s exceptional jewellery ateliers sculpt yellow gold into an elegant elliptical shape. Next, they score symmetrical thin streaks on the surface to mimic a leaf-like texture. Finally, they embellish the tip with precious diamonds before arranging them into various chains, clusters and cascades. The resulting articulate nature of each element further encapsulates the beauty of nature.

Cartier Grain de Café CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF CARTIER

Cartier will be launching eight Grain de Café jewellery pieces in Singapore from June 2023. Firstly, the statement-making Grain de Café Bracelet and Grain de Café Necklace, featuring immaculate rows of movable ‘beans’, come in at SGD68,000 each.

Next, zing up any outfit with the immaculate Grain de Café Brooch (SGD10,400), Grain de Café Earrings (SGD15,300) and the Grain de Café Pendant (SGD15,100). Of course, no Cartier collection is complete without rings, and there are three to pick from. Priced from SGD10,200 to SGD19,600, the Grain de Café Rings will make your fingers the talking point of any party.

Ready for your daily dose of coffee? Add an extra shot of Grain de Café and you’re all set for the day (or night).

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