Go Grège For These Limited-Edition Goyard Bags

Goyard Limited-Edition Grege BagsPHOTO COURTESY OF GOYARD

Grège is French for ‘raw silk’, or also refers to a mixture of grey and beige hues. With the unique hue gaining popularity due to its neutral tone and versatility, Goyard chooses to feature it on a limited series of Goyardine bags newly launched for 2023.

It’s not very often that the canvas appears in new colours alongside the likes of Black/Tan and Burgundy that are constantly on rotation. That is why ardent collectors of the brand should definitely not miss the Aligre and the Saïgon Structuré Nano Bag in Grège.

The Aligre (SGD4080) is not a new design, but it doesn’t appear often on the shelves. Measuring 40 cm wide and 32 cm high, raffia mesh hand-braided over beech wood rods forms its base. Completing it are Goyardine elements from the inner pocket pouch to the small squarish flap that doubles as the bag’s clasp. 

Also the smallest Saïgon bag to date, the adorable Saïgon Structuré Nano Bag (SGD7430) measures 14.5 cm by 11.5 cm. Even more special in Grège, this trapezoidal bag features a mix of Goyardine and Decize Taurillon leather, along with the use of trunk-making hardware like battens and trunk studs.

The limited-edition bags are fun, functional and unique all at once. And you can check them out now Goyard’s standalone boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

For more information, do visit GOYARD.com


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