Stand Out With Goyard’s Saïgon Structuré Lettres Camouflage Bag

Goyard Saïgon Structuré Lettres Camouflage BagPHOTO COURTESY OF GOYARD

Each year, Goyard releases a limited-edition design for their treasured clients. 2023’s version includes a re-interpretation of the Saïgon with the Goyard Guerilla effect.

Taking inspiration from the luscious forests of Morvan in central-east France, the maison transforms its signature Goyardine into a new intricate pattern that hides the word GOYARD amongst foliage.

Officially, the special-edition print is known as Lettres Camouflage. Evoking the image of autumn leaves falling in the forest, it appears in three different colours. Pink and Green are available on the Saïgon Mini, while the bigger Saïgon PM comes in Blue.

The Saïgon Mini is 20 cm wide by 15 cm high, while Saïgon PM measures 28 cm by 20 cm. No matter your choice of size, both come in a trapezoid silhouette with boxy corners at the edges.

Furthermore, traditional Saïgon bags usually come with a natural beech-colour finish. Here, however, the limited-edition Saïgon Structuré Lettres Camouflage Bag distinguishes itself once again. Pairing with black Clamecy cowhide leather, it comes with matching ebony wooden handles and riveted rods.

Prices start from SGD8780, with limited quantities at Goyard’s standalone boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre. Contrary to its name, there is little chance of the Saïgon Structuré Lettres Camouflage Bag blending in. Instead, you can rest assured it will stand out from the crowd.

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