Add A Dose Of Street-Cool Style With PALACE RIMOWA


There’s a new Rimowa collaboration coming to town. This time, it’s with London-based streetwear brand Palace. So expect vibrant colours, cheeky graphics and the inimitable Penrose triangle with Palace’s logo in a never-ending loop.

The concise line-up comprises three items, including PALACE RIMOWA stickers and PALACE RIMOWA Deck with the infinity artwork. But of course, the standout piece is undoubtedly the PALACE RIMOWA Original Cabin featuring a dreamy desert landscape.

Limited to 500 pieces each made in Cologne, this special edition uses an airbrushed-by-hand technique to achieve the intense colour pigments and smooth gradients all over the aluminium exterior. The PALACE RIMOWA Original Cabin also has a slightly different interior than usual, with the Palace infinity motif printed on the height-adjustable flex divider.

This eye-catching print also features on the PALACE RIMOWA Deck. The flip side of the skateboard further showcases both Palace and Rimowa logos on opposite ends. Made in 7-ply Canadian maplewood under the Regrowth Programme, this 21.59 cm wide deck doubles up as an art piece. Simply display it on your wall without adding wheels.

No space for another piece of luggage but love the Palace vibe? Then jazz up your existing Rimowa pieces with the PALACE RIMOWA stickers.

Stay tuned for official prices in Singapore, as all will be revealed only when it launches on 10 February 2023.

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