Cartier: 5 Things To Know About The Les Écrins Parfumés Scented Candles

Cartier Les Écrins Parfumés Scented CandlesPHOTO COURTESY OF CARTIER

As candle lovers will know, some of the best scented creations can offer a meditative and transportive experience. If you’re looking for new scented candles to spruce up your space, Cartier’s soon-to-launch Les Écrins Parfumés Scented Candles are some to have on your radar.

01 – French for ‘perfumed boxes’, the collection sees a trio of candles added to its home collection. All about creating a poetic atmosphere that offers relaxation and escape, the scents are designed to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Light one by itself or alongside the others in the range to create a personalised olfactory landscape.

02 – There are three scented candles to choose from. The first, Canopée, will have you soaring among the treetops with its botanical and woody blend of various foliage. Next, there’s Désert that will whisk you away to sun-warmed sand dunes. Lastly, Pétales, a floral explosion that brings to mind a beautiful meadow full of fresh flowers in the morning light.

03 – Each candle is housed in a white ceramic vessel with a red interior reminiscent of Cartier’s iconic red box. It also comes with a matching white lid, detailed with the emblematic garland motif, to preserve the scent in between burns. Besides doubling as a piece of décor, the gorgeous container can be reused as a storage box or display piece when the wax is all gone.

04 – Excited to transform your space into an imaginary landscape that lets you rediscover the joyful moments spent in nature? Priced at SGD280 for 220 g, the Les Écrins Parfumés Scented Candles will be launching in February 2023 in Cartier stores and online via the maison’s e-store.

05 – To take the experience further, be sure to check out the fancy matches that you can use to light your new found candles. There’s the square Diabolo de Cartier Matchboxes (SGD360 for a set of three) with 9.5 cm matchsticks, as well as the cylindrical Panthère De Cartier Matchboxes (SGD380 for a set of three) with 30 cm matchsticks.

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